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Manipuri celluloid films

Motion Picture or Cinema was first introduced in Manipur in 1920. The first Motion Picture theatres in the state were established in Imphal after the Second World War. Filmmaking in Manipur was pioneered by Shree Govindajee Film Company (SGFC) founded between 1946 and 1947. MAINU PEMCHA (1948) was the result of the first attempt at making films by the Manipuris.
The first full fledged feature film MATAM-GI MANIPUR was screened on the 9th of April, 1972 at Usha Cinema, Friends Talkies in Imphal and Azad cinema in Kakching. With the establishment of Film Society in 1966 , Imphal Cine Club in 1979 and Manipur Film Development Council (MFDC) in 1980, Manipuri Cinema got the required momentum and made an indelible mark both at the National and International level.
So far, nine Manipuri films have already bagged prestigious National Awards. The following Manipuri films were also screened in celebrated International Film Festivals around the globe. The following manipuri films were shown in Film Festivals on International level.
The first Indian Film to get the GRAND PRIX at the NANTE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL was the Manipuri Film IMAGEE NINGTHEM (My Son, My Precious) directed by Aribam Syam Sharma and scripted by MK Binodini. Eight Year old Leikhendra Singh bagged the BEST CHILD ACTOR in India awards in the year 1982.

"The 90s—the beginning of the end of celluloid era"
After a glorious history, celluloid era has effectively had its last appearance in 1998. The following is the list of the films that were made including the name of the director and producer during the period 1972-1998. Documentary films and VHS format movies are not included, as are the digital films that are the rage now.

Year Title Producer Director
  • 1972 Matamgee Manipur, Karam Manmohan Devkumar Bose
  • 1972 Brojendrogee Luhongba, SN Chand SN Chand
  • 1974 Lamja Parsuram, G Narayan Sharma A. Shyam Sharma
  • 1974 Ngak-e-ko Nangse, Wangkhem Basanta SN Chand
  • 1976 Saphabi G Narayan, Sharma A. Shyam Sharma
  • 1979 Khuthang Lamjel, Thongam Haridas GC Tongbra
  • 1979 Olangthagee Wangmadasu, G Narayan Sharma A. Shyam Sharma
  • 1981 Imagee Ningthem, K Ibohal Sharma A. Shyam Sharma
  • 1981 Khonjel, M Nilamani M Nilamani
  • 1981 Wangma Wangma, Durlav L Banka Sharma
  • 1983 Sana Keithel, Thoudam Doren MA Singh
  • 1983 Paokhum Ama, Film Div. of India A. Shyam Sharma
  • 1984 Thaba, Khaidem Sakhi Devi K Ibohal Sharma
  • 1984 Langlen Thadoi, Khaidem Sakhi Devi MA Singh
  • 1984 Yairipok Thambalnu, H Gehendra L Banka Sharma
  • 1986 Iche Sakhi Thoudam Doren MA Singh
  • 1988 Kombirei, G Narayan Sharma G Narayan Sharma
  • 1990 Isanou, Gauhati Drsn A Shyam Sharma
  • 1990 Engallei, M Kumarjit RK Kripa
  • 1990 Paap, M Nilamani M Nilamani
  • 1992 Khonthang, Thoungamba Oken Amakcham
  • 1993 Sambal Wangma, Sobita K Ibohal Sharma
  • 1993 Thambal, Vishnu/Surjakanta RK Kripa
  • 1993 Madhavi, K Bhupendra L Banka
  • 1994 Mayophigee Macha, Thouyangba Oken Amakcham
  • 1995 Sanabi, NFDI/Drdrsn A. Shyam Sharma
  • 1995 Khamba Khamnu, Ch Shyamcharan Ch Shyamcharan
  • 1996 Kanaga Hinghouni, Chand Heisnam Chand Heisnam/Vishwamitra
  • 1997 Sanamanbi Sanarei, G Narayan Sharma G Narayan Sharma
  • 1997 Khamba Thoibi, M Nilamani M Nilamani
  • 1997 Chinglensana, Th. Binapani Rajen Meitei
  • 1997 Iraal Oirage, Chand Heisnam Vishwamitra/Kishore Kr
  • 1997 Yenningtha Amada, M Nilamani/Ashwini M Nilamani/Ashwini Kr
  • 1998 Amambasu Anganbani, Chand Heisnam Vishwamitra/Kishore Kr
  • 1998 Thawaigi Thawai, Thoungamba Thoungamba/Thouyangba

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